Back To College Moves


Summer Is Over… It’s Time To Move Back To College!

Heading off to college is usually the first big move a young person will make in their lives. This move marks the beginning of a new chapter in their lives, which has them living on their own for the first time and taking that next step towards building a life for themselves. Before they can really get started however, they have to get themselves ready to move out. With all the excitement that surrounds this major change in their lives, it can be easy for a young person to overlook some important details with their move. To help with the organization and implementation of a successful move up to college, we’ve put together a list with a few helpful tips to keep everything running smoothly when moving day arrives.

Plan with Your Roommate

Not everyone has a roommate, but having one can be a real help when it comes to reducing the amount of stuff you’ll end up having to take with you to college. Getting in touch with your roommate to plan out what items each of you will bring is a great way to start planning your move. It also has the added bonus of being a great way to break the ice when moving in with a new roommate.

Start Sorting

Before you do any actual packing, it’s a great idea to sort your items according to what you’re definitely taking with you, what you think you can leave behind, and what you won’t need to take at all. As far as the items aren’t going to need are concerned, you may want to donate them or even sell a few items at a yard sale if you have time. This will clear out a lot of the clutter you would otherwise have to deal with when it’s time to pack. Once everything is properly sorted and ready to go, you’ll find that actually packing everything takes very little time at all.

Pack for the Weather

With the seasons changing this time of year, the cold weather can really sneak up on you. That’s why it’s a good idea to get ahead of the game and make sure you have the appropriate clothing and outerwear packed for the impending weather. With this in mind, you also may want to leave some clothes that won’t be needed right away behind, which can save you a great deal of space over the year.

Have Items Shipped

This tip is a bit of an extension on the previous tip. Should you decide to leave any items behind, such as clothes that are out of season or any large bulky items like sports equipment that might not be so easy to move with the rest of your stuff, you may want to arrange to have these things shipped to you at a later time. This of course will save you space, but is also beneficial given the fact that you may not know exactly what stuff you will end up needing and what stuff you can actually fit in your new dorm room or apartment. Shipping items at a later date gives you the time to settle in with the essentials when you first move.

Following these few tips can really make yourself up to college a cinch this fall. For any additional moving needs, don’t hesitate to contact Accent Movers.