How to Pack a Mirror for a Move

how to pack your mirror for moving

Moving a mirror of any size can be a slightly daunting task, but with a particularly large mirror you may be feeling somewhat intimidated and worried. Whether or not you believe in the idea of getting seven years of bad luck after breaking a mirror or not, we’re betting you don’t want to lose a valued possession like a quality mirror. Not to mention the fact that having to clean up pieces of a broken mirror in the middle of a move will just add stress to your day, and the potential for a serious cut! To help you ensure that your mirror, no matter what size it is, gets to your new home safely and intact, we have prepared a step by step guide to show you how to properly pack a mirror for your move.

Get the Right Materials

For any big move, you’ll need to stock up on things like moving boxes, bubble wrap, tape and a whole lot more. While you’re at it, you can grab the materials you need to move your mirror. You will need a mirror box, which you can get at your local packing store, or from a helpful Vancouver & Richmond moving company like Accent Movers. You will also need packing tape and masking tape, thick brown paper, some blankets and some bubble wrap.

Set Up the Mirror Box

The first thing you’ll need to do before you can start packing up your mirror is set up your mirror box. This is a relatively simple process which involves folding cardboard pieces into an interlocking shape that protects the edges of your mirror. The mirror box is adjustable, so it will be able to fit practically any size mirror.

Insert the Mirror into Your Box

Now that the mirror box is ready you can prepare it for the mirror. In each corner of the box, place some bubble wrap to provide extra protection for the fragile corners. You should do this whether your mirror is framed or not. You can then slide the mirror into one side of the mirror box slowly.

Masking Tape

You have two kinds of tape you need to pack your mirror. The first one you’ll use it the masking tape. To add an extra layer of protection from a possible break, simply stick the tape in two long strips on the face of the mirror in an ‘X’ pattern.

Wrap the Mirror

Once the mirror is taped and secure in one half of the mirror box, you can wrap it in the blankets and bubble wrap to give extra layers of protection to the surface. You can then take a flat piece of cardboard that is roughly the size of the mirror and cover your wrapping with it. Finally, take your brown paper and wrap the mirror as you would a gift box, securing everything with your packing tape.

Box and Label

You are just about finished packing your mirror. Now all you have to do is lower the other side of the mirror box over top of the smaller side that contains your mirror. You then simply need to tape the box closed and make sure you label it ‘fragile’.

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