How to Pack Up Bedding on Moving Day

best easiest way to pack bedding for move

Bedding, towels and other fabrics are usually one of the last things that get packed up before you move. This is mainly due to the fact that right up until moving day, most people are still living, sleeping and washing up in their old homes. Even when they are folded neatly, bed sheets, comforters and other blankets and towels can quickly take up a lot of space. To help you make sure your fabrics stay dry and protected, we have prepared a few tips about how to pack them up on moving day.

Invest in Some Vacuum Bags

By now vacuum bags are fairly common, but if you aren’t sure what they are, you are definitely in for a pleasant surprise! Essentially, they are large plastic bags with a specially sealed opening that allows air to escape, but won’t let it re-enter the bag. A vacuum bag is ideal for moving towels, curtains, bedding, clothes or any other fabrics you need to transport in a compact, easy to move manner. They come in multiple sizes, and only take up a fraction of the space any other bag full of linens might. Simply place your bedding inside the vacuum bag, seal it, and then suck the air out through the specified opening using your household vacuum hose. You’ll see how thin the bag becomes in seconds, leaving you plenty more storage space for the move. These vacuum bags can be purchased at most Vancouver hardware stores or large department stores.

Traditional Methods

If you are unable to purchase vacuum bags for your move day, or are simply pressed for time, there are other great ways to ensure your bedding gets to your new home without getting wet or damaged. You can start by tying then wrapping your bedding in plastic bags and placing it in a box that is adequately sized to handle everything. The last thing you want is to see your bedding burst out of the box onto the dirty ground or bed of the moving truck. You should also be sure to label these boxes in clear writing, so your movers can know they should be stacked on top of other boxes to stay dry.

Packing Comforters and Pillows

These are going to be the bulkiest items you’ll have to pack, so you will want to be sure there is enough space for them. Ideally, you should place pillows and comforters in a waterproof bin made of flexible plastic. This bin can accommodate the irregular shape of things like pillows and comforters, while keeping them safe and dry during the move. For additional protection, you may want to place these items in plastic bags before you put them into their moving bins. For smaller pillows and other fabric items like towels, you may consider using them to protect other fragile items by wrapping them around your valuables. This will keep fragile items protected, and will help you save a few bucks on expensive plastic bubble wrap.

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