Moving In: Cleaning Tips for Your New Home


Before movers arrive is the ideal time to get your new house in the cleanest shape possible.

Just think: this might be your only opportunity for a long time to clean without furniture! While it can be best to hire a cleaner to get in every nook and cranny, after buying a home, you might not have the time or resources to do so and just want to get the job done yourself.

It can be easy to miss some of the necessities, so we put together an ultimate move-in cleaning guide to help you get your home squeaky clean.


The counters are where most food prep takes place in your home, so keeping them clean is crucial. To really get the grime, clean between cracks with a putty knife and use mild cleaners or baking soda with warm water.


For sinks, plugs should be bleached and drains cleared. Use baking soda to get off grime, and flush drains with hot water. Sink odours should be eliminated, and a pour of bleach down the drain will also kill any fruit fly colonies.


Since this is a bathroom, you’ll probably want to disinfect as much as possible with bleach, tea tree oil, whatever you feel comfortable using. Use your favourite disinfectant brand to wipe down the walls, toilet, and cupboards. Clean mirrors and re-grout sinks, showers, and tubs if needed. Just remember not to mix cleaners!


Walls can hide a lot of dirt. Look at the walls under different lights and angles, and wash all fingerprints and marks with a mild cleaner and a cloth. Remove any nails and hooks, and patch the holes up. If possible, colour match the paint and give it a little spot treatment to blend in.


Really take advantage of no furniture and give the floors a proper clean. Don’t underestimate the power of a good sweep and vacuum, but don’t just rely on it either. Carpets should really be steam cleaned and for wood floors, look for specialty soaps.


Much like a bathroom, kitchens need a little more disinfecting TLC. Clean the inside of the fridge and freezer – they can be traps for old smells! The same goes for the stove, top of cabinets, and any cupboards.


Around the house, wipe all window ledges and baseboards. Windows get a glass cleaner or vinegar spray, and then wipe them clean with something that won’t leave lint — newspaper or microfiber cloths work the best.

Remember: spray but don’t soak anything that isn’t a hard surface. With a little elbow grease, your new home will be ready for the moving truck to arrive!


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