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Why Choose ACCENT MOVERS as your Residential Movers:

  • You get a guaranteed rate (from the first phone call or email, we discuss your moving needs and set your rate based on the number of men and the size of truck you need)
  • We have never missed an appointment (when you book your moving  appointment with Accent with a deposit, the date is guaranteed or the move is FREE)
  • Our Richmond & Vancouver BC movers are professionally trained and in uniform (we pay our movers a daily bonus to make sure they stay committed to you and to the reputation of Accent Moving & Storage)
  • Clean and Reliable Equipment (our equipment is constantly updated, our trucks are maintained regularly and meet all the tough restrictions imposed by the department of transportation)
  • All furnishings will be blanket wrapped for maximum protection (we use premium blankets to protect your furnishings. These are much thicker and actually protect the furniture rather than just cover it)
  • We protect all your floors with professional grade floor runners (our movers will stage these on the floor to protect the high traffic areas from soiling or damage)
  • Insured (we have proper business insurance for negligent liabilities that may cause serious damage to your home or person. This insurance covers your furnishings to a minimum release protection. We also sell additional value protection for any high valued items)
  • WCB protected (we are current with the WCB which means that if our movers are hurt on your premisses, they will be covered for any financial damages. Some companies choose not to cover their employees properly and that means, if they are hurt in your home they can come after you for any lost wages.)
  • We want your business (we do not pick and choose the best jobs. We are a first come first serve business and will only turn down jobs when we are completely booked on a given date.)
  • We will Guarantee that you are satisfied (all legitimate complaints are dealt with quickly. We do our very best each and every time, but we are not perfect. Accidents happen but we are happy to announce that our claims are less then 1% putting us at or near to the top for the fewest claims in the industry.)


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