Staying Connected While On the Move


Stay connected at all times even when you can’t from the comforts of your new home

Moving rarely comes at a convenient time, even if YOU were the one that planned it months in advance and around YOUR schedule. This is especially true if you run your own business or work remotely from home and need to be online and connected to the world around the clock. You can book a few days off when working a 9 to 5 or simply leave your work “at the office” during off hours and focus on your relocation but when your home base IS your office, moving can turn your personal corporate world upside down.

The reason so many of us have the opportunity to work from our homes is due to the fact that being connected to customers, partners, and associates online is now often more efficient than face to face, as long as the connection remains open. But when we move, our Internet service will likely be interrupted during the address change-over (sometimes for longer than expected periods) and your physical office (desktop set up) may not be connected for a few days.

Below our Richmond BC Moving Company offers a few tip to make sure you stay connected during your next relocation:

1. Buy Extra Data

Unless you have an unlimited data plan for your smartphone you will likely use up a large portion of your package when trying to check emails and perform other online day to day tasks when in the middle of a relocation, especially if you are tethering the connection from one device to another. In the same manner that people buy extra data packages when they take long distance vacations it is wise to do the same when moving. Simply purchasing a one-month increase in data (canceling the month later) will only cost a few dollars but will provide priceless peace of mind every time you need to log on while on the move. Just don’t lock yourself into any new long term data contracts.

2. Schedule “Away from Office” Replies

In the event that it is simply not practical to even check and adequately respond to your emails during a move you should consider scheduling an automatic response. Your email provider will have a customized “Away from Office” (or other) scheduling option under “Settings”. Simply customize your message so that anyone sending you an email will receive a reply indicating that you will not be able to check emails until a set day and time and that you will respond at the earliest convenience.

3. More Mobile

Your smartphone will often do the trick for most day to day communications but it would be wise to keep other mobile devices on hand such as a tablet in the event that you need to keep working on presentations (and the like) while on the fly. Make sure you’ve downloaded any apps that will help you complete your work remotely (photo editing, etc…) before the move begins.

4. Know Your Hot-Spots

Depending on the nature of your business, smartphones and tablets may not cut it and delays on presentations and other projects requiring online attention may be unacceptable. Keep your laptop unpacked during the move and know the local Free WiFi hotspots in the community. Your personal home office may not yet be set up for internet but that doesn’t mean you can’t spend a few hours toiling away on the computer. Do your homework ahead of time and find out which Cafes, Libraries, Community Centers, and even Public Parks are conveniently located near your new home and allow easy WiFi connectivity without getting “kicked-off” every 20 minutes.

Here are a few convenient FREE WiFi hotspots located in the service area of our Richmond BC Moving Company:

  • Esquires Coffee House – #11146 84th Avenue, Delta BC
  • Starbucks – #7221 84th Avenue, Delta BC
  • Second Cup – #7350 120th Street, South Surrey, BC
  • George Mackie Public Library – #8440 112th Street, Delta BC
  • Fraser Valley Public Library – #4683 51st Street, Delta BC

5. Stay Charged

Staying connected from a remote location requires a lot more than being mobile and connected, you need to make sure your fully charged or you risk losing communication, your work, or dropping out in the middle of a session due to low battery warnings. Keep your smartphone, tablet, and laptop charging cords and adaptors on hand so you can plug in to any available outlet at a moment’s notice.

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