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From the first phone call to the final drop, our Moving Company will carefully organize every aspect of your move to ensure the best experience possible.

On all moves, we provide a professional moving crew, a moving van fully equipped with all the blankets, dollies and the special tools necessary for a safe and quick move.

The moving fee starts when the truck arrives at your point of origin, runs through the loading of the truck and the drive to your destination, and ends when the truck is empty and any setup is complete.

We charge a maximum of 1/2 hour travel time to and a maximum of 1/2 hour from your point of origin regardless of where you are located. Unless, of course, you are located close to one our dispatch facilities and we wouldn’t have to charge any travel time.
Remember: the more you prepare for the move the cheaper it will be. A prepared location with good access is moved much quicker than if you are still packing when the movers arrive

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