Packing Tips


Many of you are accustomed to the idea of hiring professional movers when planning a household relocation. It’s a huge relief to leave the heavy lifting, loading, transport, and unloading to others while you focus on all of the other aspects of moving that turn your life upside down. However, even with the transport logistics out of the way, packing can end up being the most time consuming and challenging experience.

Our Richmond BC moving company not only holds years of professional experience as a mover, we’re also experts in the packing process. When you request an estimate from our Vancouver moving company, be sure to secure our packing service as well. Here’s why using a professional packer on your next move is a great idea:

1. Awkward Items

While you may pride yourself as being a fairly competent packer, certain items will throw you for a loop. We’ve seen the best stumble when it comes time to pack up awkwardly shaped, long, wide or bulky items that don’t quite fit into the standardized boxes that you’ve dug up from the back alley grocery store dumpster. Our professional packers have seen and packed it ALL. There is no mirror too long, no picture frame too wide, no vase too massive that we cannot accommodate it.

2. Electronics

No matter how careful you may be, the overly sensitive nature of high-end electronics and large digital items make them more susceptible to damage and loss of proper functioning than any other item coming along on a household move. The worst part is that you may not even be aware that certain electronics have been compromised until you attempt to use them days or weeks later. It’s worth the extra expense to hire professional packers when you have big budget home electronics on the line. It can end up saving you a considerable amount of money in repairs or replacements.

3. Supplies

Cardboard boxes from the local grocery store, duct tape, and a few old towels may do the trick as packing materials when moving into a college dorm, but for the most part households are greatly unprepared when it comes to having adequate supplies to pack and protect their valuable household possessions. Our Vancouver movers come fully equipped with every imaginable packing accessory for every imaginable item to ensure that no good goes unprotected. Even more importantly, we know how to use these supplies. From mattress pads to china barrels we’ve got you, and your possessions, covered.

4. Time

Your time is valuable. No matter if you prefer it be spent on work, study, with family, or in leisure, securing a professional Vancouver BC mover with staff experienced in expert packing services will free up the hours of your day that are best spent elsewhere.

Contact our Richmond BC moving company today to discuss our professional packing process and to receive a FREE estimate that consolidates both packing and moving into one efficient moving-day package.