Relocating to College


No matter where your campus is, Accent Moving & Storage will get you started on the right path

Summer is winding down and recent high school grads are preparing for college miles away from home. Moms (even a few Dads) get weepy eyed as they pack up their babies rooms (soon to be converted to home fitness centres) and get ready to ship them off to the dorm room accommodations of unknown territory. College life has become a bigger and bigger deal over the decades and a stuffed backpack and book bag no longer do the trick in transporting your teen to campus. Students are fully immersing themselves in campus life and require a lot more come along with them on the college relocation to make their home away from home feel like home.

Our Richmond BC moving company has shuttled more than a few freshmen off to college, from the Lower Mainland to the U.S.A., and during the early consultation process we’re flanked with questions about how to prepare for the logistics of moving to a college dorm. Here we offer 5 tips on how to best prepare for a move to on-campus dorm life:

1. On-campus Housing Policy

Campus policies regarding moving in and what you can bring vary from school to school. Space limitations are a major factor in close quartered dorms but there are other regulations to consider. Many diverse and co-ed colleges put restrictions on expressive room décor to ensure that potentially offensive materials (e.g. posters of David Hasselhoff in a Speedo, etc…) are kept out of sight. In addition there are often strict rules regarding noise so anyone planning on packing up their Pioneer surround sound home theater system can put the brakes on that prospect. Some appliances may be forbidden if they’re considered to be potential fire hazards or if they weigh heavy on the campus electricity bill. Refer to your college’s online student handbook for these details and call student services when you get stumped.

2. On-campus Furnishings & Amenities

Many colleges and universities rich in on-campus life come with fully or partially furnished dorm rooms. This of course can put a nice dent in your relocation load. Once again, consult the student handbook or call to find out which furnishings, appliances, and amenities are found in-room or in common areas so you don’t bring sand to the beach.

3. Campus Housing Floor Plan

Request a copy of the campus housing floor plan. It’s good to learn the dorm dimensions of entrances and hallways and so that you don’t end up having to hack your futon in half to make it fit in your room.

4. Roommate Possession Pre-screening

Sure the movies make it out to be an adventure meeting your roommate for the first time during day one on campus before the fraternity based hijinks begin. But the truth is that it’s a better idea to get your roommate’s information from the school as early as possible and open the lines of communication. In doing so, you can exchange information and find out which “household” possessions you may want to share therefore reducing the overall load that each of you has to bring along on the move. Your entertainment center may dwarf the set-up at Skywalker Ranch while your new roomie may be the Gordon Ramsay of his all-in-one Foreman Grill. Combine your strengths and you’ll have the coolest dorm on campus without duplicating items and taking up limited space.

5. Storage

Find out if on-campus housing has student storage. Some of your “must-bring” items may be seasonal in use or simply not practical to keep around the room on a daily basis. A 12 foot kayak may serve you well in the late summer in the Fraser River but not so much in the hail pelting cold of winter. If the college doesn’t have available storage then check to see if there is a reasonably priced storage facility nearby.

If you are the guardian of a student, or one yourself, preparing to move off to a college dorm to or from the Lower Mainland please contact our Richmond BC Moving Company today to discuss our student friendly rates and to get a head start on preparing for dorm life – at least with respect to moving.