Spring Cleaning Tips From Our Delta Moving Company


No need to frown on spring cleaning – Our Delta Moving Company has some tips to make it more productive

As long distance movers Vancouver area residents turn to not only for relocations but for advice on the entire moving process, we find ourselves providing tips to past, present, and future customers throughout the year as new contingencies arrive that alter their preparation for a household move. At this time of the year that advice falls on the concept of Spring Cleaning.

While spring cleaning is a long standing annual household tradition, it’s also a great way to prepare for a home relocation. Summer is the official moving season and many, like you perhaps, are getting ready to move. Even though it’s (summer) a couple of months away, now is the perfect time to get your house in order with a sweeping Spring Clean.

Spring Cleaning Tips: Accent Moving & Storage Blog

1. Make Your Spring Clean Green

If you haven’t converted your household into a more eco-friendly residence yet then let this season be the first by cleaning with environmentally safe cleaning products. Green cleaning products are much more affordable than they were years ago. You can also save money, and prevent waste, by using old laundry items (old cotton t-shirts, towels, sheets, etc…) in place of paper towels and purposed cleaning cloths. This also serves to reduce the clothing and linen clutter in the home, thus opening up closet space. View more on spring cleaning in the green.

2. Yard Sale

Spring cleaning isn’t just about wiping away the dust, stains, and grimy build-up around the home, it also encourages you and everyone in the residence to permanently eliminate clutter from every room, making the entire home much more livable – or easier to relocate should you be preparing for a move. Household clutter comes from the pile up of items that are no longer used nor hold legitimate value (you have to be honest with yourselves on this one) to anyone in the family. One of the best ways to de-clutter a home, and earn some extra spending cash, is to hold a yard sale. As the Greater Vancouver weather improves through late spring, plan around the first weekend where the long term forecast indicates no rain (we know, it’s not exactly a science in the Lower Mainland) and hold a good old fashioned neighborhood yard sale.

3. Donate lightly used clothing and items

You may not have time to hold a proper yard sale or you simply may prefer to take a different route and donate excess household possessions to local charities. Spring cleaning offers the perfect chance to take an honest accounting of what you really need to keep in your home and to decide where the “unnecessary” items may be better served. Consider your local Big Brothers & Sisters, a community animal shelter, Salvation Army, or any other charitable organization close to your heart. This is one spring cleaning tip that works and feels great!

4. Storage Delta BC

After thoroughly green cleaning your home, holding a yard sale, and/or donating your excess possessions you find that your home is still without that fresh spring clean feel, then you should consider our Storage Delta BC facility, especially if you have a local or long distance move on the horizon. Our Accent Moving Storage Delta BC service is conveniently located and offers safe, secure, and clean storage for your household goods. You won’t find a better way to complete your spring cleaning campaign in the Lower Mainland.

As long distance movers Vancouver looks to for household advice we hope to have inspired you to get down and dirty with some spring cleaning in preparation for moving season. If you are indeed one of the many households preparing for a big move then our Delta moving company suggests that you get a further head start on that process by contacting Accent Moving & Storage today.