Vancouver Long Distance Movers Tips for Part Time Households


Unless you’re home is on wheels you may need to follow the advice below

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As Richmond BC Long Distance Movers, our proximity to an amazing waterfront near the U.S. border has us receiving our fair share of long distance moving estimate requests from part time households. We define part time households, or residents, as those who live in more than one city/town/island throughout the year.

Whether the household “category” includes well-to-do individuals or empty nesters with vacation properties, or those with a career that has them stationed back and forth between cities, the annual logistic transition can be a little daunting (after the novelty wears off). From Delta to Vancouver our long distance moving services are prime for part time residents in border towns like Point Roberts (where many Bc’ers have “6 month” homes), Blaine (WA), and beyond. In this month’s blog we thought we’d provide you part-timers out there with a few tips to making your yearly migration go smooth.

5 Tips for Part Time Households

1. Minimize Your Home/s

Your lifestyle has you on the road more often than not. Maintaining two households can be done with ease if you minimize your concerns within each. By keeping interior possessions to a minimum there is less to maintain which makes the transition in and out easier. In addition, some of you like to bring certain furnishings along with you (for those doing longer 6 month periods at a time) to make home feel like home no matter where you land. By being a minimalist you have less “take with” which lightens your load.

2. Know Thy Neighbour

A household security system is of course essential should one residence be vacant for long stretches of time, however there is one security measure that has stands the test of time – your neighbours. Unfortunately many part time residents opt to not connect with their neighbours because they are not side by side 365 days of the year. However it is all the more important that part time residents make that connection. Neighbours with a good relationship look out for one another’s homes when one of them is away. Since you fall in that category on a regular basis you will need that “neighbourhood watch” on your side. Upon your next seasonal arrival be sure to stop by and borrow some sugar. Knowing that friends next door are keeping an eye on your part time home will provide full time comfort.

3. Turn Your Part Time Home Into a Part Time Rental

Renting out your “fully furnished” condo as a short term lease is a great way to earn extra income while at the same time maintaining the security of your home. There are many people in the same relative position as you (minus the dual home ownership) that live and/or work in more than one city that need a temporary place to lay their hat. Be sure to consult a professional rental service to ensure that candidates pass a pre-screening process.

4. Seek Professional Storage

For those not into the “minimalist” lifestyle (as per Tip #1) with collections that range from antiques to fine art and classic cars to seasonal recreational equipment securing professional storage is an absolute must. You cannot achieve true peace of mind when away from a home packed full of these possessions unless you know that they are being kept within a safe, secure, climate controlled environment that is under watch 24/7. Only professional storage can give you that peace.

5. Build a Long Term Relationship with a Long Distance Mover

For those that simply like to bring as many possessions along with you when transitioning back and forth between semi-annual homes doing so without the aid of a professional can make your otherwise exciting lifestyle less that optimal during the logistical portion of it. Take a load off of your personal effort by building a long term relationship with a professional long distance mover. Not only do you benefit from having a regular mover that will be familiar with your process and your valued possessions you will likely receive a loyal customer discount in the near future.

If your lifestyle matches the one detailed in this topic and you are finding your way to or from the Delta BC or entire Greater Vancouver area then please feel free to contact our Vancouver long distance moving company anytime.