Bathroom Moving Tips


Moving can be an overwhelming undertaking, especially if it’s something you haven’t done in a while. You might be looking around your home, wandering from room to room, and wondering how you are ever going to pack it all up. Well, you have to get started somewhere, and the bathroom is as good a place as any. The bathroom is easy because it’s a small space that will give you some momentum to tackle the rest of the house, and it can usually be done in fairly short order…

In order to make the process a little easier for you, we’ve come up with some tips on moving — this is the bathroom edition.


Staying organized is the key to a good move and your bathroom is no different. You will need a couple of large boxes for towels, etc., a plastic bin or two for things that might leak like shampoo, some resealable plastic sandwich bags for the things you’ve lost lids for, packing tape, a marker to label things, etc. Making sure you have all the essentials on hand will reduce the time and stress of packing and will make things easier when you are ready to unpack at the new place.

Be ruthless.

Ask yourself, when is the last time you used that bright green eyeshadow or that strong smelling deodorant? If you are just holding onto things for the sake of it, moving is a great opportunity to declutter. Be aware that many shelters will take certain bathroom products so consider starting a donation pile for all those hotel shampoo samples or half full beauty products to go to people who might be able to use them. For the rest of it, clean out the bottles for recycling, throw what you don’t need in the trash, and see how good it feels to get rid of all the clutter.

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Clean as you go.

Part of moving is cleaning and while you’ll have to give everything a final wipe down (if you’re not hiring cleaners), it makes things easier and more efficient if you clean as you go along. In the bathroom, you can give the shower and sink a good scrub and wipe out all the cupboards as soon as they are empty. You’ll see that this will save you time in the long run and won’t make the final clean feel so daunting. It’s also a good idea to wash all your towels and bath mat so that things are nice and fresh when you unpack again.

Don’t forget…

If you’re tackling the bathroom first, you are still going to need a few essentials like a shower curtain, your day to day toiletries and a towel or two, so make sure you keep a few things out that you’ll still be using in the coming days. Set aside an empty box for packing the last of the bathroom on moving day, and keep a roll of toilet paper for when you get to your new place. (As a courtesy, it’s always nice to leave a full roll for the incoming tenants.)

Move on.

Once your bathroom is done, you’ll feel satisfied, motivated and ready to tackle the next space. Take that momentum and these tips and move on to the next space. If you stay organized, prepared and keep things moving along, you’ll see that your place is packed up and clean before you know it, and you’ll feel great about moving on to the next adventure.

We hope this helps. Good luck and happy packing!