How Moving Affects The Family


Moving can be both exciting and terrifying — the prospect of new adventures with new friends in a new place is contrasted with the sadness of leaving behind all the people and places you already know and love.

No matter which way you look at it, moving is one thing for sure — stressful. Sometimes a move is long anticipated, but other times people are faced with a last minute move. Certain professions like police work, professorship, military service and so on will require a person to move to where they are assigned or where there is opportunity, which can mean uprooting a family.

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At Accent Movers in Vancouver, we talk to a lot of families that are coming or going, either way, they are getting ready to face the challenges of adjusting to new surroundings. And many people wonder what kind of long term effect, if any, will occur to the family, especially the children, with every move.

While every situation is different, there are some commonalities that can help shed light on how moving will affect your family. For one, the ability to adjust usually relates to what spurred the move in the first place. Is someone getting a job, a new and exciting opportunity, or is the move out of a loss of opportunity? Is a family breaking up or is a family moving to where there is more support, perhaps where grandparents or aunties and uncles live?

The situation surrounding the move will have a big impact on whether or not the move is met with anticipation or dread. However, even if the move is under less than ideal circumstances, it is incredibly important to show a united front with your kids, offering as much support as they need and assurance that you will be going through the trying times together.

Another thing to consider is your child’s disposition. If your child or children are introverts who have a hard time making friends, it will be more difficult to leave behind the special relationships they’ve already made and probably cherish. One tried and tested way to help kids move on and meet new people in the new town or city is by getting them involved in an activity of their choosing right away, preferably one outside of their new school so they can have increased options for friends and relationships.

No matter what your age, it’s hard to leave friends behind. But the good news is that thanks to technology, it is incredibly easy to keep in touch with people in other places. With endless options for social media, video chatting, online gaming, or even plain old talking on the phone, we live in a more interconnected age than ever. In fact, many people have meaningful and fulfilling relationships through modern technology, I know people who will happily watch a movie together in different cities—all they have to do is set up a video chat and hit play on a movie at the same time and voila! it’s like you’re right next to them.

Moving is trying but it’s not all bad. Many adults who grew up living in a new place every couple of years wouldn’t change it for anything. The exposure to new lifestyles and cultures tend to breed more openminded and accepting individuals than those who live their whole lives without ever leaving their comfortable and familiar surroundings.

As with everything, there is both a pro and con column to fill out when considering the consequences of moving. But let’s face it, sometimes you are faced with a last minute move so the best thing to do for the stability of your family and the well being of your children is to keep an open dialogue, encourage both old and new relationships and offer as much support to each other as you can muster. And just remember, new and exciting adventures await!

If you are looking for movers in Vancouver or the Lower Mainland, we hope you will keep Accent Moving and Storage in mind when you are planning your next move. Even if it’s last minute, we are here to help!