How Long Should a Move Take?


Moving can be exciting in many ways. Who isn’t interested in having a fresh start in life in a new place? Life shouldn’t be about living in the same place for a lifetime, after all. With that said, moving can also be intimidating, especially when it comes to getting the contents of your home from point A to B. Even if you live in a small apartment, packing your supplies can be a hassle.

So how long does a move take? It depends on many factors, so we can’t give you a straight answer. How much stuff you have, the distance between where you live and where you want to move to. If your home is on the second floor of an apartment, it will be much slower than if it was on the first floor.

How can you make the trip as quick and painless as possible? Here are a few tips.

    • Box and label your items before you move. This sounds like a no-brainer, but many people just throw their supplies in random bags and wonder why it takes so long to organize everything. Put your clothes in one box, your electronics in another, and so on.
    • Pack early. If you procrastinate and pack the very last day, you’re going to put so much stress on you. Start packing the non-essentials, and work your way up until it’s time to move.
    • Speaking of essentials, put anything you need to use right away in separate containers. This will allow you to access them faster.
    • Have a good transportation vehicle ready. Owning a truck with a big bed or an SUV can help you pack more. See if you can borrow a vehicle from someone if you don’t have one.
    • Do you really need to take everything you have? Why bring clothes you haven’t worn in years with you? Sell stuff you don’t need, or give to charity.
    • Know your route beforehand. Figure out the fastest way to go from your old residence to your place of moving. Learn the closest place to park and the best way you can take your supplies into your home.

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  • Use this moving calculator for an approximation of how long it will take you to move, and prepare based on that.
  • Ask for help! Odds are, you have friends and family who are more than willing to lend you a hand or a vehicle. Just make sure to reward them, whether it’s through money or some other means.
  • Hire some professional movers. You may have to end up paying more, but you can relieve plenty of stress. Contact your local moving company to see how much they charge, what they can do for you, and if you can afford it.

Don’t make moving stressful. By following these tips, you can be on your way to your new home without having to worry too much. Happy moving!