Protect Your Items Before A Move


The day has come. There’s way too much to remember. Here are some tips to help ensure you are well prepared and your belongings will make it to the other side, safe.

Take your time and pack everything, properly.

Use thicker, quality cardboard boxes – nothing flimsy that may fall apart as soon as you pick it up. When in doubt and for extra strengthening, reinforce the seams with an extra strip of packing tape.

Use newspapers to wrap dishes and more fragile items. Create an extra cushion by scrunching up a few pages into a loose paper ball (tissue paper works too – newspaper is better).

Make sure not to overstuff your boxes when packing. You do want everything to be compact, yet, you don’t want everything to be super cramped. Be certain your belongings won’t get damaged from too much movement, either.

Keep like with like, as much as you can. For example, keep your books together, plates/ceramic dishes in their own box, and separate your glassware.

Consider the weight of each box as well…

Larger boxes are fantastic for items such as plastic containers and crystal vases.

Medium-sized boxes are best suited to items as cooking utensils, board games, cutting boards, pots n’ pans, small appliances (like toasters – remember to wrap the electrical cords)…

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Smaller boxes are a good way to go for heavier books, office supplies, gadgets, etc.

IF you’re not certain what box size to choose – consider your moving day when packing… for best results pack lighter items in larger boxes, while keeping smaller boxes for the heavy stuff. Your back and movers will thank you!

Bedding, linens, stuffed animals – even clothes can all be transported in large garbage bags. This allows for variety throughout the process, and your belongings will be well protected. Besides, the moving truck needs variety to fill those gaps… These items are great for all those little spaces between furniture items.

Wrap all your large picture frames and mirrors, with blankets. Smaller ones can be wrapped with newspaper and packed (standing up) in boxes. Wrap antique furniture, too!

Large rugs? Roll them up, wrap them tight – with masking tape.

Furniture drawers – best to tape the drawers shut – so they don’t get damaged.

Shoes can be transported in garbage bags – medium sized boxes, Rubbermaid containers or plastic milk crates… all are suggestions of course. For best results keep a consistent and organized system in place. And, remember to label EVERYTHING! Label by room, label by room and item, label with a dark marker. If the items are fragile – label your boxes with ‘F-R-A-G-I-L-E’ clearly marked on each side and at the top of your box, to ensure proper care.

Fill and tape, every box! Come moving day, send all this stuff with the movers.

Pack all your fresh foods, your pets, and plants in your own vehicle.

Follow these suggestions – and you’ll experience a smooth moving process.

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