How Many Movers Do I Need To Hire?


When it comes to moving, whether it’s from the east side of Vancouver to the west or from downtown to the suburbs, there are countless decisions that you need to make. Not only are you thinking about packing and protecting your valuables, you also need to think about hiring movers, and how many movers you will need to get the job done.

Moving companies will often offer services that include two, three or four movers. Let’s face it, moving is expensive no matter how you look at it, and while it might seem like a good idea to only hire two movers to keep the costs down, you might actually end up saving money if you hire three or four movers instead.

That sounds a little crazy, though. The more movers you hire, the more it will cost per hour. However, depending on the kind of move it is, three or four movers might be required to get the job done. While you might think it’s better to keep it down to two extra sets of hands, consider that three or four movers will be able to get the move done in a shorter amount of time, while having an easier time making sure that your valuables are protected, which will also end up saving you money.

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So, how do you decide how many movers to hire? First take a look at what you have and how much of it there is. If you are moving an entire household and not just a studio apartment you probably have two or more bedrooms, plus at least one living room, kitchen, bathroom and storage area. That means you also probably have a fair amount of furniture and boxes. You likely have a couple of couches and beds and some large bedroom furniture, plus tables and chairs that requires at least two people to maneuver them down hallways and out doorways.

If you have only two movers, a large chunk of their time is used on these heavy, cumbersome items. Even though movers are trained in this area and are generally strong and equipped with the right tools to make the move go smoothly, they are also humans who tire after a few hours of heavy lifting. Having three or four movers means that the heavy workload can be divided up, resulting in a more efficient and timely move.

Another thing to look at is the layout of the move. Are there many stairs or is there an elevator? Can the moving truck park close to the front door or is there a winding driveway or sidewalk? Are there narrow hallways and doorways or is it an open concept space that is easy to get in and out of? Answering these questions will help point you in the right direction of how many movers to hire. A simple rule to go by is that the more challenging the lay of the land, the more movers you should consider hiring.

One more thing to consider is that you want to keep your furniture and valuables safe. While movers will always do their best to ensure that your things are well looked after, with only two people moving things like valuable TVs and furniture that are both heavy and fragile, there is the possibility that something will go wrong. With three movers, there are an extra set of eyes and hands to help in tricky situations. With the extra body, there is someone else there to share the load and guide and direct when needed.

So while it’s not always necessary to hire more than two movers, it’s a good idea to think about it depending on the size of the move and the layout of the area you are moving from and to. Sometimes a third or even fourth person will expedite the process, and if you can get a move done in four hours rather than seven, even with paying the extra movers, you might save money and certainly peace of mind, and isn’t that worth a lot?!

If you have any questions about hiring movers or would like to book yours today, give us a call! We are here to help with your moving needs.